10 PCS TM7711 24 Bit Analog to Digital Converter Module

10 PCS TM7711 24 Bit Analog to Digital Converter Module
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Tags: TM7711, Analog To Digital, ADC Module, 24Bit ADC, Weighting Sensor, HX710A

This is a pack of 5 Pieces of TM7711 24bit ADC module for wlectronic weighting sensors. This chip is very similar to HX710A, but costs less. It’s designed for weigh scales and industrial control applications to interface directly with a bridge sensor. The TM7711 is an ideal product for high-precision weigh scale systems with a special structure to ensure extremely low power consumption. And built-in power-down mode to reduce standby power consumption. The chip also has the advantages of high integration, fast response, strong anti-interference, etc. Greatly reduces the overall cost of the electronic scale system and improve the performance and reliability of the whole system.
This chip converts a single analog channel input to a digital signal with a high resolution, 24Bit precision. In this module, to achieve higher precision, input analog signal attains from a bridge-bridged voltage sensor (e.g. pressure, weighing) mode. The input voltage signal is produced by 3 resistors and a weight sensor configured as a Watson bridge (named and released as a load-cell device), then the TM711 converts and amplifies this load-cell signal, then sends converted voltage to micro-controller preparing it for further uses.

1 pair of fully differential input channel ADC
On-chip direct temperature measurement and digital output
On-chip low noise amplifier with gain of 128
Optional 10Hz and 40Hz output data rate
Synchronously suppress power disturbances of 50Hz and 60Hz
Built-in clock oscillator does not require any external devices
Simple two-wire serial communication port
Number of Channels: 1
Package: DIP
Voltage: 2.6V ~ 5.5V
Operating temperature range: -40 ~ +85 °C
Single-chip microcomputer weighing AD module - TM7711 compatible with HX710A chip is hardware and software

Package Include:
10 x TM7711 Module

Electrical Parameters
Voltage 2.6V~5.5V
Board Parameters
ADC 24 bit
Main Chip TM7711
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature -40 ~ +85 °C
Weight 3g

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