PCM1808 Stereo ADC Module

PCM1808 Stereo ADC Module
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Tags: PCM1808, Audio ADC, ADC Module, 24Bit ADC, Audio Stereo, ADC Decoder, 96kHz Decoder

PCM1808 Audio Stereo ADC Decoder Amplifier Module is a high-efficiency and economical stereo ADC audio amplifier module with single-ended analog voltage input, which is based on PCM1808 chip. This chip can work in master mode   or slave mode and has a double data format with a 24-Bit resolution of Left-Justified. The PCM1808  chip is a stereo A / D converter, which applies a delta-sigma modulator with 64 times oversampling. It has a high pass filter (HPF), which results in removing the input signal component. This chip is equipped with power down and reset utility for pausing the system clock. The PCM1808 is developed for consumer devices that need high performance at low cost, simultaneously. It can be supplied with a 5V DC in analog or 3.3V in digital. 
Because of supporting support two I2C  interface or three serial port interfaces, so it can easily be interfaced with raspberry and Arduino projects and can support the card reader module. This module is a cheap and high-quality module, so it can be applied in the DIY projects, portable audio player, cellular phone,  video camcorder, movie camera, digital camera, PMP/DMB, voice recorder, and so on.

24-Bit Delta-Sigma Stereo A / D Converter
Single-Ended Input Voltage: -p
High Performance:
     THD + N: -93 dB (Typical)
     SNR: 99 dB (Typical)
     Dynamic range: 99 dB (Typical)
Decimation Filter:
      Frequency: ×64
     Pass-Band Ripple: ±005 dB
     Band Stop-Attenuation: -65 dB
     Pass Filter On-Chip: 0.91 Hz (48)
Flexible PCM Audio Interface:
     Master or Slave-Selectable Mode
     Data Formats: 24-Bit I 2 S, 24-Bit Left-Justified
Power Down and Reset by Halting System Clock
Analog Antialias LPF Included
Sampling Rate: 8 kHz–96 kHz
System clock: 256, 384, 512
Resolution: 24 Bit
Dual Power Supplies:
     5-V for Analog
     3.3-V for the Digital

Package Include:
1 x PCM1808 Stereo ADC Module

Interface Type 2 x I2C , 3 x SPI
Electrical Parameters
Voltage 5V & 3.3V
Noise Figure 99 dB (Typical)
Board Parameters
ADC 24 Bit
Main Chip PCM1808
Physical Parameters
Weight 7g

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