LTC2944 Battery Status Measurement Module (Voltage Current Temperature Measurment Charge State) [60V MultiCell]

LTC2944 Battery Status Measurement Module (Voltage Current Temperature Measurment Charge State) [60V MultiCell]
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Tags: LTC2944, Power Meter, Current Meter, Voltage Meter, Battery Temprature, Battery Charge State, CJMCU294

CJMCU-294 LTC2944 Measurement Module is based on LTC2944 integrated chip, which can measure battery voltage, battery current, its own temperature and detect battery charge state, in handheld and portable product applications. It has a wide input voltage range and can use with multi-cell batteries up to 60V. A precision coulomb charge counter integrates current through a sense resistor between the positive pole of the battery and the load/charger. This module measures voltage, current, and temperature with an internal 14-bit No Latency ΔΣ™ ADC. The measurements are stored in internal registers available via the on-board I2C/SMBus Interface.
The LTC2944 features programmable high and low thresholds for all four measured quantities (voltage, current, temperature, battery charge status). If one of these programmed threshold is exceeded, the device warns an alert using either the SMBus alert protocol, or by setting a flag in the internal status register. The LTC2944 requires only a single low value sense resistor (as above mentioned) to set the measured current range.

Measures Accumulated Battery Charge and Discharge 
3.6V to 60V Operating Range for Multiple Cells
14-Bit ADC Measures Voltage, Current and Temperature
1% Voltage, Current and Charge Accuracy
±50mV Sense Voltage Range and High Side Sense
I 2C Interface/SMBus Interface
General Purpose Measurements for Any Battery Chemistry and Capacity
Configurable Alert Output/Charge Complete Input
Quiescent Current Less Than 150µA

Package Include:
1 x CJMCU-294 LTC2944 Measurement Module

Interface Type I 2C /SMBus
Sensor Parameters
Accuracy 1%
Internal ADC 14-Bit
Board Parameters
Main Chip LTC2944 
Physical Parameters
Weight 3g

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