30 PCS ZHT102A Current Transformer

30 PCS ZHT102A Current Transformer
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Current and voltage sensors are used for voltage and current monitoring, logging, or proof-of-operation applications. Current transformer is a subgroup of the current sensors. Current Transformers are available in Split-Core, Solid-Core, Clamp-On, Low Voltage and Medium Voltage, mini size and miniature size for most common applications. 
ZHT102A Current Transformer [5A - 2.5mA] is a miniature size of current transformers, which can sense electrical current through a wire. A wire which carries the electrical signal, must be passed through the hole in the encapsulation of the ZHT102A Current Transformer. Therefor the wire will be the primer part of the transformer. The ZHT102A is a precision miniature current transformer which attenuates input current in 2000:1 ratio. 

Model: ZHT102A
Rated input current: 5A
Rated output current: 2.5
Turns ratio: 2000:1
Phase angle error: ≤30\'(input 1A, sampling resistor 100Ω)
Linear range: 0~20Asampling resistor 100Ω)
Linearity: ≤02% (5%dot~120%dot)
Permissible error: -0.2%≤f≤+0.2%input 1Asampling resistor 100Ω)
Isolation voltage: 4500V
Application: the precise measurement of current and power
Encapsulation: Epoxy
Installation: Output leads installation
Operating temperature: -40ºC~+85ºC

Package Include:
30 x  Miniature Transformer

Electrical Parameters
Input Current 5A
Output Current 2.5mA
Phase angle error ≤30\'(input 1A, sampling resistor 100Ω)
Linear range 0~20Asampling resistor 100Ω)
Physical Parameters
Weight 6g
Encapsulation Epoxy
Turns ratio 2000:1
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -40ºC ~ +85ºC

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