XH-W1219 Digital Thermostat Controller Module

XH-W1219 Digital Thermostat Controller Module
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This is an XH-W1219 digital thermostat controller module which controls the temperature by first, calculating the temperature (process variable), then compare it to the desired value (set value). The difference between these values is known as the error (deviation).
Temperature controllers use this error to decide how much heating or cooling is required to bring the process temperature back to the desired value. Once this calculation is complete the controller will produce an output signal that effects the change required. This output signal is known as the (manipulated value) and is normally connected to a heater, control valve, fan or some other "final control element" which actually injects or removes heat from the process. This can be in a situation where an object is required to be heated, cooled or both and to remain at the target temperature (set point), regardless of the changing environment around it. There are two fundamental types of temperature control; open-loop and closed-loop control. Open-loop is the most basic form and applies continuous heating/cooling with no regard for the actual temperature output.
Closed-loop control is far more sophisticated than open-loop. In a closed-loop application, the output temperature is constantly measured and adjusted to maintain a constant output at the desired temperature. Closed-loop control is always conscious of the output signal and will feed this back into the control process. Temperature controllers in the industry work much the same way they do in common household applications.
A basic temperature controller provides control of industrial or laboratory heating and cooling processes.
Temperature controllers are needed in any situation requiring a given temperature to be kept stable like Heat Treat/Oven, Packaging, Plastics, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, etc.

Model: XH-W1219
Temperature Range: -50°C ~ 110°C
Thermostat Accuracy: 0.1℃
Temperature Probe Wire: NTC10K 0.5meter (waterproof)
Input Voltage: 12V
Output Current: 10A (Max)
Return Difference Setting: 0.1°C ~ 30°C
Starting Delay: 0~10min
Temperature Calibration: -10°C ~ 10°C
High temperature alarm: 49°C ~ 110°C
Size: 60mm x 43mm x 16mm

Function Introduction:
P0: Temperature Control Mode: when first use this product; if it is used to heating, please set H, if used to cooling, please set C
P1: Return Difference Setting: long press SET key entering into the internal setting, choose P1 setting; then press SET key to achieve return difference value setting
P2: Temperature Calibration: this function is for temperature calibration. If the detection temperature and actual temperature is different, then users can apply this function to calibrate
P3: Delay Start: this function is for compressor cooling.
P4: Set High-Temperature Alarm Value: when the actual temperature is higher than this value, the screen will flash and sound an alarm.

Package Include:
1 x XH-W1219 Digital Thermostat Module

Sensor Parameters
Accuracy 0.1℃
Temperature Range -50°C ~ 110°C
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 12V
Output Current 10A (Max)
Physical Parameters
Size 60mm x 43mm x 16mm

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