20 PCS One Button Shield for WeMos D1 Mini

20 PCS One Button Shield for WeMos D1 Mini
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5 PCS ESP8266 WeMos D1 Mini One Button Shield package contains 5 pieces of a WeMos single button shield board that is developed by WEMOS Electronic developer compatible with any ESP8266 D1 boards. This shield is a peripheral board that can add a micro switch or a mini button switch to the ESP8266 boards. This switchboard can be supplied with a TTL logic level of 3.3V DC.
The ESP8266 series module is based on an ESP8266 WiFi module and one and more peripheral board. The ESP8266 boards are WIFI Arduino shield boards with a 160MHz, 32bit self processor and TCP/IP protocol, that can add Wi-Fi communication capability to the Arduino and microcontroller boards and also supporting the APSD and VOIP protocol. The ESP8266 module has enough processing capability and storage to be added with other simple boards with at least expansion up-front and minimum loading during runtime. The ESP8266 development board is interfaced with other boards through the I2C, UART, and SPI serial communication protocol. Communication with ESP8266 and its configuration is performed through the "AT Command" instructions. The ESP8266 can incorporate with another simple usual board such as this micro switchboard, the sensor boards, driver boards, and so on, to add WIFI capability to these boards. So all the ESP8266 boards have uniform interfaces includes GPIO, I2C, UART, and SPI serial communication header pins.

Model Number: One Button Shield
Install Style: Plug-in
Board Size:28mm x 26mm

Package Included:
20 x Button Shield
40 x Pin headers

Physical Parameters
Size 28 mm x 26 mm
Weight 4 g

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