5 PCS USB to Crocodile Test Clip Converter Cable [60cm]

5 PCS USB to Crocodile Test Clip Converter Cable [60cm]
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Crocodile clips (also known commonly as alligator clips as well) and testing probes are designed to clip directly onto most makes and models of test leads and allow users to carry out different types of testing. Used for instrumentation, medical equipment, electronics, automotive and other industries. This testing wire with alligator clips will help transmit DC Current to other multi-meters or other usages. Alligator clips can be used with the wire as test leads and used for the light bulb and power adapter, working with power bank for testing voltmeters, etc. 

Connector Type: Male USB, Crocodile Clip
Color: Red, Black
Material: ABS Plus Metal
Cable Length: 60cm

Package Include:
5 x USB to Crocodile Test Clip 60CM

Connector Features
Type Male USB , Crocodile Clip
Physical Parameters
Length 60cm
Material ABS plus Metal
Color Red , Black

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