IS902E U Disk With USB3.0 Port [TSOP48 , LGA52]

IS902E U Disk With USB3.0 Port [TSOP48 , LGA52]
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Tags: U Disk, USB3, NAND Flash Driver, USB, Flash memory

Description :
IS902 is the latest USB-3.0 Interface Nand Flash Controller. With flexible firmware code supporting, IS902 can support various flash technologies including 4k/8k page MLC and SLC by different 4xnm/3xnm / 2xnm processes for major flash vendors. 
UDISK is a hard drive in USB form with magnetic hard drive platters spinning inside an enclosure. UDISKs have a bridge chip regulating the way the drive mounts to an operating system. This chip changes the hard from IDE protocols to USB. 
It also can be used to changing the memory chip to a USB flash drive through a DIY project. You need to remove the flash chip from the board by electric soldering tin. This should be done tenderly with a soldering iron, and you can have the aid of a small slotted screwdriver or art knife. Although it is easy to take off the discarded flash chip, it must be more careful to weld one new flash chip. To find the circular mark in the corner of the flash memory chip, and these marks must be aligned with round marks on the flash memory circuit boards. You should check with the seller if the chip can support your controller or not before order.
Standard USB driver doesn’t use rotating disks to store data, rather it uses flash memory instead, which provides faster speeds as well as increased reliability against shock, pressure and temperature.
Why then these UDISK drives exist? Because those spinning disks are cheaper to manufacture but they can be sold at the same price as standard flash memory USB drives and the difference may not be clear to users.

Features :
Port: USB3.0
Controller Chip: IS902E
Package: LGA52 and TSOP48
Support: DDR, single- flash, dual-flash dual-channel
Product Size: 59mm x 14mm
PCB Size: 44mm x 14mm

Flash Support:
1. 4xnm, 3xnm, 2xnm Process Flash from Various Vendors
2. One Channel / Two-channel Data Bus by Small Footprint Package
3. Up to 8 CEs to Support max. 16 Flash dies per channel
4. SLC / MLC types Nand Flash Supported
5. EF-Nand Flash Supported
6. ONFI 2.1 spec. Interface Supported
7. Toggle DDR Interface Supported   

USB Interface:
1. Compliant with USB 3.0 spec. version 1.0
2. Compliant with USB 2.0 spec. Backward Compatible with USB1.1
3. Compliant with USB Mass Storage Class spec. version 1.0
4. ECC Protects 27 / 24 bit by 1K bytes, 6 bit by 512 bytes
5. High-Performance 1T 8051 with Hardware Acceleration DMA
6. F/W Off-load Engine Embedded 
7. 1.2V Low Power Consumption Design 
8. LED Indicator to Show link Status and r/w Traffic
9. Customized VID/ PID with Serial Number
10. Smart Auto-Write Protection By User-Friendly AP
11. 30Mhz Crystal

Package Include:
1 x IS902E NAND FLASH USB 3.0 U disk LGA60 SM3267L Control Board

Board Parameters
Main Chip IS902E
Ports USB3.0
Physical Parameters
Size 59mm x 14mm

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