30 Pairs T Plug Connector [Male and Female]

30 Pairs T Plug Connector  [Male and Female]
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Tags: T Plug, Quadcopter, LiPo Battery, Battery Adapter, EC3 Connector, Deans Connector

T Plug is a Male and Female Connector For RC LiPo Battery. It can be used with battery, electronic speed controller and charger. There are many shapes and sizes of RC LiPo battery connectors, so the choice appreciate connector can be a complicated decision when you are first starting out, if you don't know much about them yet. The purpose of all these RC LiPo Battery connectors is offering a convenient and easy way to connect our RC LiPo battery packs into other modules, such as an ESC/Power system to complete the electrical circuit, turn the current from the Battery to the ESC and/or other electronic system. For zero defecting because of inverse polarity risks, most RC LiPo connectors are "polarity protected", so it's very hard if not impossible to plug them in backwards, which goes a long way to save expensive electronics from letting out the magic smoke.

Item Name: T-Plug
Internal Resistance: 0.4mΩ
Max. RC/MC: 36A/60A
Temperature Resistance: -20°C ~ 120°C
Pulling Force/500: 25N
Lifetime: 1000 connections
Internal Material: Nylon/PA
Body Material: Gold-plated brass

Package Include:
30 x male T-Plug Connector
30 x Female T-Plug Connector

Electrical Parameters
Impedance 0.4mΩ
Current 36A/60A Max. RC/MC
Physical Parameters
Weight 6g
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -20°C ~ 120°C

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