TPA3110 Mono Digital Audio Amplifier Module [30W]

TPA3110 Mono Digital Audio Amplifier Module [30W]
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Tags: TPA3110 Module, Mono Amplifier, Audio Amplifier, Digital Amplifier

TPA3110 Mono Digital Audio Amplifier Module is a 30 Watt mono high power, class D, digital audio amplifier module, which is based on TPA3110 chip set. It has an adjustable volume and supports mono audio using a 4/6/8 ohm (8 ohm is the best) speakers, which can be supplied with a voltage range from 8V DC to 26 volts DC. The module has a frequency response range of 20Hz-15KHz.
Because of using advanced EMI suppression technology, designers can use low cost ferrite bead filters for reaching EMC requirements. The SpeakerGuard™ speaker protection circuitry is designed with an adjustable power limiter and a DC detection circuit. The user by the adjustable power limiter can adjust a "virtual" voltage line, lower than the chip supply, which result in limiting the speaker current work. The DC detection circuit evaluates the PWM signal  properties, means that measures and checks the frequency and amplitude of the PWM signal and if detecting any shifting or deviation because of  damaging the input capacitors or shorting on the inputs, it cuts off the output. The module can drive a speaker at least 4 Ω, at 10% THD+N From a 16-V Supply. While it amplify the sounds, because of its high efficiency (90%), no need to use an external heat sink. The outputs have shorts to GND protection,  shorts to VCC protection, and shorts output-to-output protection, completely. These short-circuit protection and thermal protection are associated with an auto recovery mode.

IC: TPA3110
Input Voltage: 8V ~ 26V
Output Power: 30W (mono channel, two stereo sound is required)
Output speaker impedance: 8Ω (4Ω and 6Ω are also available)
Size: 43mm x 30mm

Package Include:
1 x TPA3110 Mono Digital Amplifier Module

Audio Module Features
Amplifier Type Mono
Output Impedance 8Ω (4Ω and 6Ω are also available)
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage DC 8V ~ 26V
Output Power 30W
Board Parameters
Main Chip TPA3110
Physical Parameters
Size 43mm x 30mm

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