SW-520D 2-Way Angle Sensor Switch [3.3V-12V]

SW-520D 2-Way Angle Sensor Switch [3.3V-12V]
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Tags: Tilt Sensor, Vibration Sensor, Digital Sensor, Angle Sensor

The SW-520D tilt sensor is a component (switch) that can detect the orientation of an object (upright or not). It is equivalent to a pushbutton activated through its physical orientation. It contains a metallic ball inside that will commute the two pins of the device from CLOSED to OPEN if the sensor exceeds a certain angle and vice-versa. Only when the tilt sensor is in its upright position, metallic balls inside the tilt sensor bridges the two contacts, completing the circuit. When the sensor is tilted beyond the sensitivity range, the contacts move away, and thus opens the circuit.

The use of the company's SW-520D tilt sensor sensitivity
The comparator output signal clean, good waveform, driving ability, current is more than 15mA.
Distribution bit sensitivity adjustment
Operating Voltage: 3.3V ~ 12V
Output Type: Digital
A fixed bolt holes for easy installation
Using a wide voltage comparator LM393
Pin Number: 4 Pin
PCB board size: 32mm x 17mm

1. The initial state of the output from the two depends on the tilt sensor is turned on and off, when turned on, the green light, the output low, the tilt sensor is disconnected, the green light is off, the output is high.
2. In the initial state tilt sensors typically are installed in the normally open state, the tilt sensor is not in working condition and prolongs life.
3. Default SW-520D sensor for detecting objects dumped 90 degrees, and if the other point of view, please contact the treasurer.
4. The output can be directly connected to the microcontroller through the microcontroller to detect high and low, thereby detecting the angle of environmental change.
5. The output relay module can directly drive the shop, which can form a high-power angle control switch.

Package Include:
1 x SW-520D 2-way Angle Sensor Module

Sensor Parameters
Output Type Digital
Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage 3.3V ~ 12V
Board Parameters
Pin Count 4 Pin
Physical Parameters
Size 32mm x 17mm

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