STM32F407ZGT6 Development Board

STM32F407ZGT6 Development Board
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Tags: ARM Cortex M4, Development Board, 32 Bit STM, ARM, STM32

Arm development boards are the ideal platform for accelerating the development and reducing the risk of new SoC designs. 
The combination of ASIC and FPGA technology in Arm boards delivers an optimal solution in terms of speed, accuracy, flexibility, and cost.
The ARM Cortex-M is a group of 32-bit RISC ARM processor cores licensed by Arm Holdings. 
The ARM Cortex-M4 processor with FPU is the latest generation of ARM processors for embedded systems. 
It was developed to provide a low-cost platform that meets the needs of MCU implementation, with a reduced pin count and low-power consumption, while delivering outstanding computational performance and an advanced response to interrupts.
The ARM architecture, like most 32-bit architectures, is well-suited to use. The majority of the control code is written using high-level programming languages like C and C++ instead of the assembly language.
The processor supports a set of DSP instructions that allow efficient signal processing and complex algorithm execution.
The memory protection unit (MPU) is used to manage the CPU accesses to memory to
prevent one task from accidentally corrupt the memory or resources used by any other active task.

Flexible static memory controller supporting Compact Flash, SRAM, PSRAM, NOR and NAND memories
Adaptive real-time accelerator (ART Accelerator ™) 
Enabling 0-execution wait state from flash memory
Memory protection unit
DSP instructions
Clock, reset and supply management
Internal 16 MHz factories edged with RC (1% accuracy)
32 kHz oscillator for RTC with calibration
Internal 32 kHz RC with calibration
Sleep, Stop and Standby mode
Serial wire debugging (SWD) and JTAG interfaces
Debug mode
True generator of random numbers
CRC calculation unit
96-bit unique ID

Core: STM32F407ZGT6 ARM® 32-bit Cortex®-M4 CPU with FPU
Flash Memory: Up to 1 MB
SRAM Memory: Up to 192 + 4 Kbytes ( including 64-Kbyte of CCM RAM data )
Frequency: Up to 168 MHZ
LCD Parallel Interface: 8080/6800 Modes
Operating Voltage: 1.8V - 3.6V
Crystal Oscillator: 4-to-26 MHz 
A / D Converters: 3 × 12-bit, up to 24 channels and 7.2 MSPS in triple interleaved mode
D / A Converters: 2 × 12-bit 
General-Purpose DMA: 16-stream DMA controller with FIFO and burst support
Timers: Up to twelve 16-bit and two 32-bit timers up to 168 MHZ, each with up to 4 IC / OC / PWM or pulse counter and quadrature (incremental) encoder input
RTC: Subsecond precision, Calendar hardware3
Interface: I2C, USART, UART, SPI, SDIO

Package Include:
1X STM32 ARM Cortex M4 Development Board

Interface Type I2C , USART , UART , SPI , SDIO
Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage 1.8V - 3.6V
Board Parameters
ADC 3X 12-bit, up to 24 channels
Clock Speed Up to 168 Mhz
CPU STM32F407ZGT6 ARM® 32-bit Cortex®-M4
FLASH Up to 1 Mbyte
SRAM Up to 192 + 4 Kbytes
Timer Up to twelve 16-bit and two 32-bit timers up to 168 mhz

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