LED Music Spectrum Analyzer [ 11x12 ]

LED Music Spectrum Analyzer [ 11x12 ]
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Tags: Spectrum Analyzer, Music Analyzer, Audio Amplifier, Audio Accessory

LED Music Spectrum Analyzer With Case [11x12] is an audio spectrum analyzer with a transparent case in DIY soldering assembly, which is made of 132 white LED in 11 rows and 12 columns. A spectrum analyzer is an artistic display plugin of a wave spectrum in its frequency range,  generally, this artistic display is a graphical presentation of the spectrum. This graph can be categorized into two categories of continuous and discrete graph. An LED  music spectrum analyzer or sound spectrum analyzer is a discrete graphical presentation of the audio frequency bands with a column of color LEDs.
This analyzer module is equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack to feed the Hifi MP3 sounds (from no USB port sound devices such as TV, phones, and so on) and a mini-USB port to supply with a 5V DC  (from a female USB port of a phone charger, power bank, and so on) and supply and feed sound from PCs. A mini-USB to USB+3.5mm audio jack converter cable and a two 3.5mm  mono to one 3.5mm stereo audio jack adapter is provided in the package.

Operating voltage: 5V USB power supply
Signal access mode: 3.5 audio line input audio signal
Installation: DIY welding assembly
Size: 108mm x 70mm x 16mm (Length x Height x Thickness)
PCB color: White

This product is presented non-assemble parts, so the user should solder and montage these parts.

Package Include:
1 x LED Music Spectrum Analyzer
1 x mini-USB to USB and 3.5mm audio jack adapter
1 x 2-1 3.5mm audio jack adapter

Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 5V (mini-USB port)
Physical Parameters
Size 108mm x 70mm x 16mm
Color White
Ports And Jumpers
USB mini-USB
Audio Input 3.5mm audio

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