Soil Moisture Sensor Module with Buzzer [3V]

Soil Moisture Sensor Module with Buzzer [3V]
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This module uses capacitive humidity sensing as opposed to resistive humidity sensing. It means the module does not make electric contact with the soil, avoiding electrode corrosion and soil electrolysis and resulting in better accuracy and longer battery life.
The alarm level can be set for each plant individually. As water is consumed by the plant, this module will detect the low moisture level and will start to emit rare short chirp sound. As more water evaporates, the module will increase the alarm rate. It runs by a 3V CR2032 lithium coin cell battery. The battery should last up to one year, depending on how good you are on remembering to water your plants. The most energy is consumed when emitting a sound and measuring the light level - this happens when the plant is too dry.
When you insert the battery and press the button on the top side of the device, the module will emit one short chirp, briefly flash the LED and another short chirp sound after the measurement finalization. It means that the device is working properly. The module will instantly measure the moisture level on the sensor pad and save it as the “dry point” - the alarm level of moisture.
You can also test it by covering the sensor pad with a wet finger, pushing the button and removing the finger after you hear the second sound. The module will think that it is inserted into dry soil and acts as if the plant is too dry.

Instruction Guide:
Wait until your plant needs to be watered, so you can tell the module how much moisture is too little. Install the battery then insert the device into the soil carefully up to the line shown on the device. Gently pack the soil around the module, so that there are no gaps between the sensor and the soil. Push the button. Try not to wiggle the device too much while doing that. Do not touch the device, plant or pot for 5 seconds after pushing a button, the module needs some time to measure the moisture level undisturbed. Water the plant. Try not to get too much water on the module.
If a plant is already too dry and the module is silent, carefully press the button without wiggling the device, wait for 5 sec then water the plant again. Thus the module is set to a new “too dry” level. If the module starts to make chirp sound when the plant is still too wet, pull the device out from the soil a little bit -1cm (1/2 inch), press the button and put the module back and then compact the soil around the device.

Input Voltage: 3V
Color: Black
Size: 140mm x 15mm

Package Include:
1 x Soil Moisture Sensor Module

Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 3V
Physical Parameters
Size 140mm x 15mm
Color Black

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