15 PCS 1 Channel Optocoupler Isolated Relay Module [10A]

15 PCS 1 Channel Optocoupler Isolated Relay Module [10A]
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This is a single-channel optocoupler isolated relay module that uses genuine high-quality relays. It has the maximum load of the normally open interface: AC 250V/10A, DC 30V/10A.
This module is an SMD optocoupler isolation with strong driving ability and stable performance. 
Its trigger current is 5mA and the working voltage is 5V, 12V and 24V are available. 
It features two indicators LEDs:
Power indicator (Green) and relay status indicator (red).
The module has a trigger level selection terminal, each relay trigger level can be individually controlled, through the short-circuit cap to control.
When there is trigger signal input, relay disconnect and load goes off the work. 
The module can be set to high or low-level trigger by jumper:
     A. When the jumper is shorted to LOW, it is triggered at low level.
     B. When the jumper is shorted to high, the trigger is high.

Channel: Single Channel
Control voltage: 5V , 12V , 24V ( Optional )
Working Current: 190mA
Trigger Current: 3mA ~ 5mA
Low-Level Trigger Voltage: 0V ~ 1.5V
High-Level Trigger Voltage: 3V ~ 5V
Output Voltage: 250Vac , 30VDC
Output Current: 10A
Module Interfaces:
       DC+: Positive power supply (by relay voltage power supply)
       DC-: Connect power negative
       CH: Relay module signal to trigger the end (low to trigger effective)
Relay outputs:
       NO: Normally open relay interface
       COM: Common Interface Relays
       NC: Normally closed relay interface
The module can be set to trigger high level or low level by jumper
Size: 50mm x 26mm x 18.5mm

Package Include:
15 x 5V 1Channel Optocoupler Isolation Relay Module

Electrical Parameters
Channels Single Channel
Output Current 10A
Output Voltage 250Vac , 30VDC
Working Current 190mA
Control Voltage 5V , 12V , 24V ( Optional )
Trigger Current 3mA ~ 5mA
Trigger Voltage 0V ~ 1.5V (Low Level) , 3V ~ 5V (High Level)
Physical Parameters
Size 50mm x 26mm x 18.5mm

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