GY213V SHT20 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module

GY213V SHT20 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module
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Tags: Digital Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor

This module is based on SHT20 that features a generation 4C CMOSens chip. Besides the capacitive relative humidity sensor and the bandgap temperature sensor, the chip contains an amplifier, A/D converter, OTP memory and a digital processing unit.
The SHT20 digital temperature and humidity sensor is based on digital sensing technology and offers high reliability and long-term stability. Full-scale calibration, two-wire digital interface, can be directly connected to the microcontroller, greatly reducing development time, simplifying peripheral circuits and reducing costs. In addition, it is small in size, quick in response, low in energy consumption, immersible, strong in anti-interference ability, integrated with temperature and humidity, combined with dew point measurement, and cost-effective, making the product suitable for a variety of applications.

Chip: SHT20
Output Type: Digital
Input Voltage: 2.1V ~ 3.6V
Recommended Input Voltage: 3V
Standby Current Consumption: 0.4uA
Active Current Consumption: 330uA
Temperature Range: -40°C ~ 125°C
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.3°C
Humidity Range: 0 ~ 100% RH
Humidity Accuracy: ±3% RH
Temperature Response Time: 5s ~ 30s
Humidity Response Time: 8s
Interface: I2C
Pitch: 2.54mm
Pin Number: 4 Pins

Package Include:
1 x GY SHT20 Temperature and Humidity Module

Interface Type I2C
Sensor Parameters
Accuracy Temperature: ± 0.3°C, Humidity: ±3% RH
Output Type Digital
Humidity Range 0 ~ 100% RH
Temperature Range -40°C ~ 125°C
Response Time Temperature: 5s ~ 30s, Humidity: 8s
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 2.1V ~ 3.6V
Input Voltage (recommended) 3V
Current Consumption 330uA (Active), 0.4uA (Sleep)
Board Parameters
Main Chip SHT20
Pin Count 4 Pins
Physical Parameters
Pitch 2.54mm

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