10 PCS 350 ohm Resistive strain gauge Shear Strain Gauge

10 PCS 350 ohm Resistive strain gauge Shear Strain Gauge
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A strain gauge is a sensor whose resistance varies with applied force. 
It converts force, pressure, tension, weight, etc., into a change in electrical resistance which can then be measured. When external forces are applied to a stationary object, stress and strain are the results. Stress is defined as the object's internal resisting forces, and strain is defined as the displacement and deformation that occur.
The strain gauge is one of the most important sensors of the electrical measurement technique applied to the measurement of mechanical quantities. As their name indicates, they are used for the measurement of strain. As a technical term "strain" consists of tensile and compressive strain, distinguished by a positive or negative sign. Thus, strain gauges can be used to pick up expansion as well as contraction.
This 350ohm resisitive sesnosr gauge is a small pressure sesnor.

Shear Strain Gauge Appllication:

  1. Testing ships hulls
  2. Vehicle testing applications
  3. Structural component testing
  4. Construction applications

350ohm Resistive strain gauge Features:

  1. Name: 350-ohm shear strain gauge
  2. Resistance: 350 ohm
  3. Base Size: 9.7mm x 6.7mm
  4. Wire Grid: 2.8mm x 5.5mm
  5. Pin Number: 3 Pins


  1. practical strain gage measurement Link

Package Include:
10 x 350 ohm Shear Strain Gauge

Component Features
Pin Number 3 Pins
Electrical Parameters
Resistance 350 ohm
Physical Parameters
Size 9.7mm x 6.7mm

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