Rotary Encoder Module [5V]

Rotary Encoder Module [5V]
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A rotary encoder is an electro-mechanical device that converts the angular position or motion of a shaft or axle to an analog or digital output signals. 
This module features a rotational displacement encoder which outputs a series of pulses whenever the switch is rotated. 
The encoder module has a manual switch that is useful in different usages and projects. 
The encoder is not the same as a potentiometer and has no limitation in rotation. 
Module's output is a digital Gray code.
This module has a button on it to reset the sensor and start from initial point, 0.
The encoder module is easy to install with Ardunio.
To make a low-level signal to rise to a higher level and produces no square pulse interference, it must use an electronic circuit to deal with.

Working Voltage: 5V
Circle of Pulse Count: 20
Pin Number: 5 Pins
Size: 42mm x 24mm

Package Include:
1 x FZ0534 Rotary Encoder Module

Electrical Parameters
Working Voltage 5V
Board Parameters
Pin Count 5 Pins
Physical Parameters
Size 42mm x 24mm

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