RM3100 3-Axis Magnetometer Sensor Module [3.3V]

RM3100 3-Axis Magnetometer Sensor Module [3.3V]
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Geomagnetic sensors are sensors that detect the magnetic field of the Earth, and are commonly referred to as electronic compasses.

The RM3100 magnetic Sensor is the highest performance sensor in its class with over 10 times better resolution and over 20 times lower noise than the leading Hall Effect sensor. It makes precise magnetic field measurements, which enables accurate calculation tracking.

Geomagnetic sensors are used to measure the earth's magnetic field; however, in real-world conditions, the earth's magnetic field is been distorted by other surrounding fields. System components such as batteries, shielding materials, or motors will distort the geomagnetic field near the sensors. An additional design challenge is the changing magnetic environment that temporarily distorts the field like metal parts in furniture, a passing car, or nearby cell phones and computers. Geomagnetic sensors must first be able to see the different magnetic fields in order for the designer to separate earth's magnetic distortion error correction a snap, and ultimately allowing you to easily and accurately calculate absolute orientation and heading.

RM3100 3-Axis Magnetometer module Application:

  1. precision location
  2. motion tracking
  3. fusion of sensor systems into real-world

RM3100 magnetic sensor Features:

  1. Chip: RM3100
  2. Input Voltage: 3.3V
  3. Input Current: 50mA (Max)
  4. Output Type: Digital
  5. Field Measurement Range: -800µT ~ +800µT
  6. Frequency: 180KHz
  7. Interface: SPI
  8. Providing STM32 demon code
  9. Pin Number: 8 Pin
  10. Operation Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C
  11. Size: 15.24mm x 12.8mm x 10.5mm


  1. RM3100 datasheet Link 
  2. RM3100 arduino Link
Interface Type SPI
Sensor Parameters
Measuring range -800µT ~ +800µT
Output Type Digital
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 180KHz
Input Current 50mA (Max)
Input Voltage 3.3V
Board Parameters
Main Chip RM3100
Pin Count 8 Pin
Physical Parameters
Size 15.24mm x 12.8mm x 10.5mm
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -40°C ~ +85°C

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