RF4432PRO Wireless Transceiver Module [Optional Frequency]

RF4432PRO Wireless Transceiver Module [Optional Frequency]
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RF4432 Wireless Transceiver Module is a single chip wireless ISM transceiver and a part of the EZRadioPRO™ family. The EZRadioPRO family contains a complete line of transmitters, receivers, and transceivers for choosing the optimal wireless part of the application. The Si4432 covers continuous frequency from 240 to 930 MHz with adjustable output power of up to +20. Because of the high level of integration, it provides reduced BOM cost while simplifying the overall system design. The ultra low receives sensitivity (–118) coupled with +20 dBm output power ensures extended range and improved link performance. Also, it has other features such as an automatic wake-up timer, low battery detector, 64 byte TX/RX FIFOs, automatic packet handling, and preamble detection reduces overall current consumption and allow the use of lower-cost system microcontrollers. By having an integrated temperature sensor, general purpose ADC, power on-reset (POR), and GPIOs, it's more economical and tiny size.
RF4432Pro is the upgraded version of RF4432. By improving chip circuits and shielding case, its stability and anti-interference has been much improved. The features of high sensitivity (-121 dBm), +20 dBm output power, 10PPM crystal, and good RF matching circuit enable it to work well and reliably in any climate, in hot/cold environment for long distance.

Ultra-low consumption shutdown mode
Digital received signal strength indicator (RSSI)
Timed wake-up function
The antenna automatically matches and two-way switch control
Configurable packet structure
Preamble detection
64-byte transmit and receive data register (FIFO)
Low-power detection
Temperature sensor and 8-bit analog-to-digital converters
Integrated voltage regulator
Frequency Hopping
Power-on reset function
Built-in crystal adjustment function

IC: Si4432
Frequency Range: 315MHz, 433MHz, 490MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz (Optional)
Input Voltage: 1.8V ~ 3.6 V (Recommended 3.3V)
Maximum Transmit power: +20dBm
Maximum Receive sensitivity: -121dBm
Data rate: 0.123kbps ~ 256kbps
Sleep Mode current1uA
RX Mode Current: 18.5mA
TX Mode Current: 85mA
Modulation mode: FSK, GFSK and OOK
Transmission Distance: 1400m
Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +85°C
Size: 17mm x 17.3mm

Package Include:
1 x RF4432PRO Wireless Transceiver Module

Wireless Parameters
Data Rate 0.123kbps ~ 256kbps
Modulation FSK , GFSK and OOK
Receive sensitivity -121dBm (Max)
Transmit Power +20dBm (Max)
Transmission Distance 1400m
RX Mode Current 18.5mA
TX Mode Current 85mA
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 315MHz , 433MHz , 490MHz , 868MHz , 915MHz (Optional)
Input Voltage 1.8V ~ 3.6 V
Input Voltage (recommended) 3.3V
Current 1uA (Sleep Mode current) , 18.5mA (RX Mode Current) , 85mA (TX Mode Current)
Board Parameters
Main Chip Si4432
Physical Parameters
Size 17mm x 17.3mm
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -40°C ~ +85°C

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