QI Iphone Wireless Charger Receiver [5V] [800mA]

QI Iphone Wireless Charger Receiver [5V] [800mA]
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QI iPhone Wireless Charger Receiver [5V] [800mA] is an inductive receptor kit, which is equipped with a lightning connector to connect iPhone charging socket. By applying this receiver kit, the iPhones can charge with any wireless charger adopted Qi interface standard. This kit contains just an inductive coil
with a lightning connector, which is placed on the Qi wireless charger transmitter. It should be connected into the iPhone charge socket, to charge the iPhones. Of course, it's better to place and attach this kit on or in the iPhone case and its lightning connector stays connected, forever. This kit is slim, lightweight, easy installation (it into a case), and easy use. In wireless charging, the distance between transmitter part and receiver part should be under 40mm without metallic obstacle, thus if this kit is placed into the phone case or used with the back cover, the back cover should be slim and made of nonmetallic material.

1: Insert the QI wireless receiver patch's connector into iPhone charging port;
2: Attach the iPhone qi receiver patch onto the iPhone back cover;
3: Optional - install your iPhone with non-metal phone case;
4: Place the iPhone onto the QI standard wireless charging pad / wireless charging dock / portable wireless charger. Prime wireless charging adapter.

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For iPhone5/5C/5S/6/6S/6P/7/7P universal interface 
Main function: Wireless charging receiver 
Standard version: WPC-1.1 
Product application: All QI-compliant wireless charging devices 
Charging type: the Corresponding area pair A charging 
Output Voltage: 5V
Output Current: 800mA
Output Voltage: 5V
Output Current: 1.5A
Operating frequency: 100-200KHz 
Power conversion: greater than 75% 
Charging mode: Induction mode
Dimensions: 67mm x 34mm

Package Include:
1 x QI iPhone Wireless Charger Receiver

Wireless Parameters
Transmission Distance 40mm (without any obstacle)
Electrical Parameters
Input Current 1.5A
Input Voltage 5V
Output Current 800mA
Output Voltage 5V
Physical Parameters
Size 67mm x 34mm

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