5 PCS 3D Printer PT100 Thermistor Probe

5 PCS 3D Printer PT100 Thermistor Probe
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5 PCS 3D Printer PT100 Platinum RTD 3 Wire Thermistor Probe package contains 5 pieces of an accurate thermistor probe, which is based on a 100Kohm thermistor, to detect and measure wide range temperature. A thermistor is a thermal resistor, whose resistance quantity varies extremely with the temperature variation, more than a typical resistor. This thermistor is made of thin-film Platinum, an anti-corrosion waterproof material to achieve highly accurate and long-time stability. This platinum thermistor is categorized as a TT-PT temperature sensor, which includes three standard types of PT100, PT500, and PT1000. The reference temperature is zero Celcius degree, also, the nominal resistor of this thermistor at this temperature is 100 ohm, so this thermistor is named PT100.
This probe is made in a rolling groove shape, to use easily and widely. This PT100 3-wire probe is produced with 3 accuracy level, known as accuracy class of  A, B, and 2B (optional), that each accuracy class is depended to the probe wire length and number, too. This probe has a seamless 304 stainless steel head and a three-core silver-plated PTFE shield wire, to tolerate high-temperature and to have at least effect on the PT100 performance. This PT100 probe has a quick response and high sensitivity, which is suitable for 3D printer other DIY projects.

Type: PT100 NTC Thermistor
Prob Size: 4mm x 30mm
Prob material: Stainless steel
Model: A-3-Wire
Accuracy: 0.1
Maximum temperature: +200° C
Wiring length: 1.5 meter

Package includes:
5 x NTC Thermistor

3D Printer Properties
Material Stainless Steel ( Probe )
Sensor Parameters
Accuracy 0.1
Electrical Parameters
Resistance 100ohm at 0°C
Physical Parameters
Size 4mm x 30mm
Length 1.5m
Weight 35g

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