NanoPi2 TTL To RS232 Module

NanoPi2 TTL To RS232 Module
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Tags: NanoPi Serial Adapter, TTL RS232 Adapter, PSU ONECOM, Raspberry Serial Adapter, RS232, Adapter Module, MAX232

This module has a DC 5V power jack which converts 3.3V to RS232 level. 
It can work as both a power supply module and a TTL TO RS232 interface. It can operate as a power module with the NanoPi and NanoPi2, Friendly ARM developed 4412 ADK/2451 /2416/2440/6410/210 and Raspberry Pi boards. 
This module allows connecting serial RS232, UART with the standard of TTL voltages. This module has a D-SUB connector on one side and on the other side soldered gold pin connectors -2.54 mm raster (Included connection cable approx. 17 cm). The control system of the module is SP3232 which compatible with MAX3232.

Supply Voltage: 5 V
Power Connector: DC 4,0/1,7 mm
Driver: SP3232 (Documentation) - Compatible with MAX3232
Size: 40 x 40 mm

UART interface: 2.54 mm Gold Pin Raster Connector (cable included)
RS232 - DB9 Connector

Package Included:
1x PSU ONECOM Module
1x Cable

Electrical Parameters
Voltage 5 V
Physical Parameters
Size 40 mm x 40 mm
Weight 21 g
Ports And Jumpers
Power DC 4,0/1,7 mm

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