9DP-031 Copper Desoldering Wire

9DP-031 Copper Desoldering Wire
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ProsKit 9DP-031 Copper Desoldering Wire [Optional Width] is a 1.5-meter pure copper wire that is developed for desoldering. Solder is a composition of two low melting point metals that can be melted in low temperature to weld few metallic surfaces such as electrical component or plumbing part. Solder is provided in two basic types of lead-free and lead-based, that lead-based has a lower melting point. Soldering works require solder paste or solder flux to improve and strengthen the welding process, thus solder wires are so designed that contains this flux in the solder wire core. But sometimes, it is required to replace soldered parts in repairment and maintenance operation that is incorporate with flowing the molten material. Existing these melting material can make trouble in desoldering operation, so a tool is required to gather and remove this molten material from the solder surface of the desoldered failure part. There are different tools is developed for desoldering such as desoldering wire, desoldering pump, desoldering sucker, desoldering tweezer, desoldering gun, etc. A desoldering wire acts as a wick to gather the molten solder.
This ProsKit 9DP-031 desoldering wire is a  professional-grade copper wick that is woven with the anti-oxidation capability to achieve high performance in desoldering operation. This 9DP-031 desoldering wire features high performance, lightweight, portability, pure oxygen-free copper property, and flux cleanliness. The ProsKit desoldering wire is presented in three optional models of 9DP-031A, 9DP-031B, and 9DP-031C, with three optional widths of 1.5mm, 2mm, and 2.5mm.

Brand Name: ProsKit 
Brand Number: 9DP-031A , 9DP-031B , 9DP-031C
Type: desoldering wire 
Material: Copper 
Width of the wire: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm (optional)
Length: 1.5m

Package Include:
1 x ProsKit Desoldering Wire

Physical Parameters
Length 1.5m
Width 1.5mm , 2mm , 2.5mm (Optional)
Material Copper

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