PLEN2 Humanoid Robot

PLEN2 Humanoid Robot
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Tags: Arduino, ESP8266, Wifi Robot, Wireless Robot, Humanoid Robot, Arduino Robot, Arduino Compatible Robot

*** The Robot is not Assembled !
The robot's body structure consists of a total of 18 degrees of freedom from the head, torso, arms and feet (the head rotation control program has not yet been developed but provides the interface), and the robot powered by a highly sensitive 12g metal gear steering, To respond.
The robot's multi-degree-of-freedom features provide users with a powerful imagination. Users can freely customize their own needs according to their needs, such as walking, standing, turning, dancing, doing sports, lifting objects, and even completing various difficult tasks The action, such as push-ups, roll, roll forward, roll back, upside down, and so on.

Use the currently popular ESP8266 as a controller, support STA + AP mode , 4MB of non-volatile storage space, use SPIFFS as the file system
Provide App, support Android, iOS device
Part of the open source (APP except) , suitable for college students, research projects, but also for geeks
Support WiFi wireless remote control (you can use a computer or mobile phone for wireless remote control);
Robot eyes with dual LED, the main color options: gray, black and white.

Main parameters:
Overall height: 20cm
Foot length: 10.5cm
Arm length: 10.6cm
material: plastic

Drive system:
12g metal gear simulation servo, with high torque, high precision, virtual bit small, zero dead zone, with precise and fast response to the robot's movements more agile, neat!

18 rudder WiFi control driver board

Wireless remote control:
You can control the robot's motion with wireless WiFi to assist in various dance moves.

Programming software
It is a graphical software that allows you to edit robot actions with just a mouse click on the computer. It is easy for junior high school students to operate.

Package Include:
1x Robot shell
18x ES08MaII analog steering gear
1x Control panel
1x Rechargeable battery + charger
1x Matching screw accessories
Physical Parameters
Size Overall height: 20cm | Foot length: 10.5cm | Arm length: 10.6cm

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