PL2303 USB To RS485 Converter Module

PL2303 USB To RS485 Converter Module
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PL2303 USB To RS485 Converter Module is an industrial adopter for converting USB 2.0 port  to RS485 port, which is based on PL2303 chip. By RS-485 can transmit data up to  1200 meters distance, thus it is used for ordinary low cost local networks and multi drop communications links, which uses the same differential signaling over twisted pair as RS-422. Thus by this adapterit's possible to communicate between a half-duplex RS485 or a full-duplex RS422 with a PC through the USB port.  
This product is designed in accordance industrial standards, and has these capabilities: anti-lightning, anti-static shock, limited slope drive, effectively suppress electromagnetic interference. For applying this module, the USB interface, directly connected to the computer USB port, and for 485 bus interface (which is 2 types named RS485_A interface, RS485_B interface and some device identifiers D+ for A and D- for B): Reverse the product from left to right terminal
5p terminal A  - 485 device A (D+)
5p terminal block B - 485 device B (D-)
5p terminal GND2 - 485 device GND
When debugging the product: as a 5v power output
5p terminal GND - Debug product GND
5p terminal block VCC---VCC (5V) for debugging products
This adapter can be used in these cases: PLC data read and write, Patrol automation data reading and writing, Home appliance control, Access control systems, Industrial automation​​​​​​, Instrumentation Parking, Bus automation fare, Canteen selling system, Employee attendance systems, Highway toll and charge station, ATM machine; etc.

Chip: PL2303
Compatibility: USB v2.0 standard
Interface: USB To RS485
Transmission speed: 600bps To 115.2Kbps
Output Voltage: 5V
Maximum Distance: 4000ft (1200m)
Case: Blue transparent ABS
Operating Temperature: -20℃~+65℃

Package Includes:
1 x USB to RS485 PL2303 Converter Adapter

Interface Type USB To RS485
Electrical Parameters
Output Voltage 5V
Board Parameters
Main Chip PL2303
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature -20℃~+65℃

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