PAM8610 Dual Channel Stereo Digital Audio Amplifier Module With Volume Control [2x15W]

PAM8610 Dual Channel Stereo Digital Audio Amplifier Module With Volume Control [2x15W]
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Tags: PAM8610 Module, Dual Channel, Stereo Amplifier, Audio Amplifier, Digital Amplifier, Class D Amplifier

PAM8610 Dual Channel Stereo Digital Audio Amplifier Module With Volume Control  is a compact dual stereo, class D, high power and high efficiency (90%) digital audio amplifier, which is based on the PAM8610 integrated chip. The PAM8610 can work with 7V to 15V power supply, But 12V DC is recommended. The nominal power is 10W by applying an 8 ohm power speaker on the output, but the maximum power is 15W per channel and  occurs by applying a 4 ohm power speaker for each Channel. The module has a short-circuit  protecting, overheating and over-current protection. With low THD+N (0.1%), low EMI, and good PSRR specification, the PAM8610 has a high-quality sound reproduction on its frequency response 20Hz to 15kHz range. The DC volume adjusts the output to 32 linearity levels  from -75dB to +32dB range.
The sound volume is quickly and easily adjusted with a  built-in potentiometer. Modern power amplifier architectures are filter-less, so it's no need any low pass filter and  the speakers directly connect to the amplifier output, which result in low cost and size. With high efficiency, it spends less energy, result in extending the battery life and suitable for portable devices. The PAM8610 is built on a 40pin QFN 6mm*6mm package. Overall, because of good features such as low cost, low space, filter less, low spending energy, the amplifier can be embedded in a power speaker to build a stand-alone perfect amplifier, or can be embedded in a display to build a power speaker display for stores, public vehicles, etc.


IC: PAM8610
Input voltage: 6V ~ 15V (self-protection)
Input Voltage (Recommended): 12V
Output Power: 2x15W (at 4Ω Load), 2x10W (at 8Ω Load)
Class Type: D
Input Impedance: 20MΩ
Output Impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω
Frequency Response: 20Hz-15KHz
Speakers: 10W ~ 100W
Size: 45mm x 48mm x 18mm

Package Include:
1 x PAM8610 Dual Channel Amplifier Board

Audio Module Features
Amplifier Type Stereo
Class Type D
Input Impedance 20MΩ
Output Impedance 4MΩ , 8MΩ
Frequency Response 20Hz-15KHz
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 6V ~ 15V (self protection)
Input Voltage (recommended) 12V
Output Power 2x15W (at 4Ω Load) , 2x10W (at 8Ω Load)
Board Parameters
Main Chip PAM8610
Physical Parameters
Size 45mm x 48mm x 18mm

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