Pre-amplifier module with AD828 op amp

Pre-amplifier module with AD828 op amp
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Preamplifier module with op amp AD828 is a stereo or two-channel preamplifier module based on IC AD828, which works with a voltage of 5 to 15 volts.
One of the capabilities of this module is to adjust the signal amplification factor with resistors R7 and R5 (by default, the amplification is about 5 times.) You can change the amplification factor according to your needs. Resistors can be selected from 5k-47k. The larger the resistors, the greater the amplification. If you are using plug-in resistors, you can remove the resistors from the main board and solder them to the embedded pads on both ends of the chip.
Note: This microphone amplifier board does not have a power supply voltage regulator circuit and can only use a battery or linear power supply and cannot use a switching power supply, otherwise interference will occur. If one channel is always used, the other channel should be shorted to GND to prevent mutual signal interference.

Switch and sensor for Arduino STM
Electronic module
Can be used for guitar and other musical instruments

Size: 33mm*25mm
Working voltage: DC 5v-15v
Operating temperature: -40 - +85
Bandwidth: 130 MHz, 3 dB

AD828 op amp data sheet

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