NC200 Geomagnetic Position Detection Sensor Module [2.8V-3.3V]

NC200 Geomagnetic Position Detection Sensor Module [2.8V-3.3V]
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Tags: Position Detection Sensor, Geomagnetic Hall Sensor, Magnetic Sensor, Position Sensor, Motion Sensor, Motion Detection

The NC-200 vehicle detection module is a digital device that uses the advanced international AMR magnetic field technology to detect parking spaces and can directly output the "presence/absence" determination of parking spaces. 
This module is an ultra-small size with ultra-low power consumption, which can save development time and the cost for parking customer's guide systems.
Hall sensors can be used for proximity detection, linear movements, measuring the rotational speed and direction as well as the angular position of a magnetic field. Hall sensors are often used in industrial motor control applications such as BLDC (Brushless DC Motors) to initiate the motor commutation or major home appliances and power tools. 

This module has some performance advantage that listed below:
Based on HMC5983 Sensor Design
Low cost ( Linkable RF Transmission)
Ultra-low power consumption
Easy to install
It is equipped with a temperature compensation function.
Both indoor and outdoor parking lots can be installed.
The accuracy decision rate of the vehicle is more than 98%.
Ultra-low installation size 2 1.8 * 12.8mm

Operating Voltage: 2.7V ~ 3.3V
Vehicle Position Detection Interval Cycle (can be set): 0.2s
ESD Voltage: 2000V
Interface: Serial
Operating Temperature: -30°C ~ +80°C
Pin Number: 14 Pins
Size: 21.8mm x 12.8mm

1: GND
3: RX
4: ISP
6: GND
7: VCC
8: Reset
10: SSEL1
11: TX І
12: SSEL2
13: TSEL
14: ERR

Package Include:
1 x NC200 Geomagnetic Position Detection Sensor Module 

Interface Type Serial
Sensor Parameters
Response Time 0.2s
Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage 2.7V ~ 3.3V
Isolation Voltage 2000V
Board Parameters
Pin Count 14 Pins
Physical Parameters
Size 21.8mm x 12.8mm
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -30°C ~ +80°C

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