NanoPi NEO Heat Sink

NanoPi NEO Heat Sink
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NanoPi NEO Aluminum Heat Sink is an aluminum heatsink which is specialized for cooling the ultra-small NanoPi NEO/Air/NEO, all-in-one H3, IOT development board, and other electronic chipsets.  FriendlyARM is an open-source computer developer which makes open-source single-board computers with NanoPi brand, for Linux hackers, toymakers, and hobbyists.  
This heatsink is made of aluminum alloy high-quality profiles with a good appearance and high-quality surface for Heat Sink and LED Aluminum basement. This heatsink is presented with a thermal paste.
User guide:
First, clean the surface you wants to attach the heat sink, the surface should be completely clean without any dust, grease, and debris
Second, dry the surface
Third, apply the paste on the back of the heatsink
Fourth, accurately attach the heatsink on the cleaned surface (and press it gently for a few seconds for no-hole screw parts)
Fifth, Mount and fix the heatsink, passing the screw trough the Nano board hole

Type: Cooling Blocks
Material: aluminum
Manufacturer: FriendlyArm

Compatible with:
NanoPi NEO
NanoPi NEO Air
NanoPi NEO 2

The heat sink is electrically conductive. Be careful that not touch other electronic components.

Package includes:
1 x Heat sink
1 x Thermal paste
4 x Screw  

Physical Parameters
Size 49mm x 27mm x 7mm
Weight 14 g
Material Aluminum

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