EMAX MT2204 Quadcopter Brushless Motor [CW, CCW] [2300KV]

EMAX MT2204 Quadcopter Brushless Motor [CW, CCW] [2300KV]
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The EMAX MT2204 brushless motor for Quadcopters and Multicopters (CW, CCW) is specially made for Mini 250 size Drones for aggressive and speed flying. It's a very small but very powerful brushless motor, specially designed for 5~6 inch propeller (Dual-Blade or Tri-Blade), very high and suitable for speed flying. This is an excellent choice for the 250 class Speed Racing drones with an FPV system on it. It has 14 poles 12 slots, hi-torque motor design which CNC machined 6061 T6 Billet aluminum heatsink. It's a high purity copper windings which maximizes the efficiency. The high RPM ABEC5 oversized bearings and precise balanced rotor makes this brushless motor very smooth and reliable, even at the maximum RPM.
The brushless motors are way more powerful for their weight than brushed motors, and they last way longer. For bigger quads: no question, brushless is king. Brushless motor lasts longer because there are no brushes to wear out, while the brushed motor wears out quickly. That's one of the reasons brushed motors came out cheaper then brushless motors. The general rule of thumb is to aim for 2:1 thrust to weight ratio. You aren’t going to be able to do hard core racing with it. The higher the better obviously. The thrust to weight to ratio depends mostly on the size of the quads themselves. Theoreticly KV represents the speed at which the motor rotates for every volt applied to the motor. Higher the KV means lower resistance and higher current draw and lower efficiencies. Lower KV means higher resistance and lower current draw and considerably better efficiencies. If you’re starting out somewhere around 2300-2400 KV would be desirable.

Type: CCW (counter clockwise), CW (clockwise)  Options
Max Power: 228.1W
Max Current: 18.1A
MAX Thrust: 440G
No. Of Cell: 2S-3S
Framework: 12N14P
Propeller: 5"~6"
Length: 32.2mm
Shaft: 3mm
Diameter: 27.9mm

Emax has two different MT2204 motors, the Silver one is CW spinning (Clockwise) and the Black one is CCW spinning (Counter-Clockwise), that means you need two CW (silver) and two CCW (black) motors for a drone. 

Package Include:
1 x MT2204 2300KV Brushless Motor

Motor Specifications
Dimension 32.2mm x 27.9mm
Shaft Diameter 3mm
Maximum Current 18.1A
KV 2300KV
Nomber of Cell 2S-3S
Maximum Thrust 440G
Electrical Parameters
Power 228.1W (Max)

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