MS8607 Temperature , Humidity And Pressure Sensor Module (PTH sensor) [3V-5V] [0-2000mbar]

MS8607 Temperature , Humidity And Pressure Sensor Module (PTH sensor) [3V-5V] [0-2000mbar]
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MS8607-02BA01 Module is a Temperature, Humidity And Pressure Sensor Module (PTH sensor) [3V-5V] [0-2000mbar] is a new high compact size and high precision pressure, temperature, and humidity detector, which is based on MS8607-02BA01 digital PTH fusion sensor chip. The MS8607 is the new composed sensor, replacement of MS5611 chip, to detect and measure of three environmental physical parameters of barometric pressure, ambient temperature and relative humidity in a compact space chip. This multisensor chip consists of a piezoresistive pressure sensing element, a capacitive sensing element, and a C-MOS ASIC signal conditioner and calibrator. This three functions of environmental physical parameters sensor is a fully factory calibrated sensor, can be calibrated in the clean room (laboratory), then calculates calibration coefficients and stored in the microcontroller program, to call it while sensing and during signal processing.

MS8607-02BA01 is the smallest weather station with high quality, high precision, high resolution, fast response, and ultra-low power consumption chip. The pressure sensing element can sense and measure atmospheric pressure in the range of 10mbar up to 20000mbar with 0.016mbar resolution. The temperature sensing element can sense and measure ambient temperature in the range of -20 °C to +85 °C with ±2.0 °C overall accuracy and a 0.01 °C resolution. Its humidity sensing element can sense and measure ambient humidity from zero to 100 % RH ±3.0 % RH (at 25 °C within a range of 20–80 % RH). and a 0.04 % RH resolution. This chip can work alone without any additional component, just with a regulated voltage from 1.5V to 3.6V DC and an ultra-low current of 0.03 µA. In this board, the chip is equipped with an I2C interface (compatible with 3V~5V).    

CJMCU-8607 Application:

  1. HVAC applications
  2. Weather stations
  3. Printers
  4. Home appliance and humidifiers

CJMCU-8607 Specifications:

  1. Chip: MS8607-02BA01
  2. Output Type: Digital
  3. Input Voltage: 3V ~ 5V
  4. Pressure Range: 0 ~ 2000 mbar
  5. Humidity Range: 0% ~ 100%
  6. Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +85°C
  7. Interface: I2C (compatible with 3V~5V)
  8. Pin Number: 4 pins
  9. Size: 18mm x 21.5mm


  1. MS8607 sensor datasheet Link
  2. MS8607 module Link

Package Include:
1 x CJMCU-8607

Interface Type I2C
Sensor Parameters
Output Type Digital
Pressure Range 0 ~ 2000 mbar
Humidity Range 0% ~ 100%
Temperature Range -40°C ~ +85°C
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 3V ~ 5V
Board Parameters
Main Chip MS8607-02BA01 
Pin Count 4 Pin
Physical Parameters
Size 18mm x 21.5mm

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