Pixhawk MS4525DO Airspeed Pressure Sensor Module [3.3V, 5V]

Pixhawk MS4525DO Airspeed Pressure Sensor Module [3.3V, 5V]
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CJMCU Pixhawk MS4525DO Airspeed Pressure Sensor Module [3.3V, 5V] is a small modern airspeed pressure sensor module which is based on MS4525DO progressive ceramic base pressure transducer chip. This chip is a ceramic transducer in a small space, low price, high efficiency that produce a 14-bit digital output pressure and 11-bit temperature output. It can be supplied with 3.3 or 5.0V DC single power supply and can measure absolute, differential, gauge, vacuum or compound pressure from 1 to 150psi with the accuracy of 0.25% (or 1%) TEB.
This module is a PCB mounted with combined temperature and pressure digital output, and temperature compensation. This can interface with Arduino boards and microcontroller with 14-bit digital SPI or I2C protocol. This is equipped with a barbed pressure entrance to fit strongly with airspeed tube, 3/32” ID tubing. This module can be used in Medical device, Airflow measurement, leak detection.

Chip: MS4525DO
Output Type: Digital
Working voltage: 3.3V, 5V
Range: 0-1,5,15,30,50,150psi
Working temperature: -25°C ~ 105°C
Accuracy: 0.25%
Interface: 14 digital SPI and I2C protocol
Size: 21.62mm x 21.59mm

Package Include:
1 x Pixhawk MS4525DO Airspeed Pressure Sensor

Interface Type 14 digital SPI and I2C protocol
Sensor Parameters
Accuracy 0.25%
Range 0-1,5,15,30,50,150psi
Output Type Digital
Electrical Parameters
Working Voltage 3.3V ,5V
Board Parameters
Main Chip MS4525DO
Physical Parameters
Size 21.62mm x 21.59mm
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -25°C ~ 105°C

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