MKS Gen L V1 3D Printer Controller Board

MKS Gen L V1 3D Printer Controller Board
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3D Printer MKS Gen L V1.0 controller boards is a replacement to the Ramps1.4 and Arduino Mega. Also the choice of stepper motor drivers that can be used range from the most common A4988 to 8825, TMC2208 or TMC2100. It uses high quality MOSFET tube,better cooling and more stable and special power chip. MKS Gen L V1 3D Printer Controller Board supports 12-24V input,to solve the problems of chip heating and power shortage.

1. 2560 and Ramps 1.4 are integrated in the board, which avoids the complicated connectors.
2. Support a variety of stepper drivers such as A4988, DRV8825, TMC2100 and LV8729, available to change the stepper drivers and motors as users like.
3. Reserve external driver signal, available to connect external high-current driver to drive the 57 and 86 stepper motors.
4. Use high-quality MOSFET, better cooling and more stable.
5. Use specific power chip, support 12V-24V power input, and resolve the problems of chip heating and power shortage.
6. Stable and reliable filter circuit greatly reduces interference and avoids crashes as possible in the process of printing.
7. Use CH340 serial port chip, more easily install the drive than 16U2.
8. Run Marlin firmware, the configuration is completely same as Ramps 1.4, and available to directly replace the Ramps 1.4.
9. Support Ramps 1.4, 2004LCD,12864LCD, TFT28 and TFT32.
10. Available to input 24V, the heated bed current can be reduced to 1/4 at the same system power which effectively resolves the problem that the MOSFET of heated bed heats.
11. X axis, Y axis and Z axis with different color terminal controls the stepper motors and endstops, which is convenient to wire.
12. Plug the stepper drivers according to the different color terminals which decreases the  probability of reverse and prevents the controller board damage.

Package Include:
1x MKS-Gen L V1.0 board
1x USB cable

Display Properties
Supports 2004LCD,12864LCD, TFT28
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 12V-24V
Physical Parameters
Size 110 mm x 84 mm
Weight 109 g

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