MiniMoto DRV8830 DC Motor Driver Module [2.7V-6.8V] [1A]

MiniMoto DRV8830 DC Motor Driver Module [2.7V-6.8V] [1A]
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Tags: H Bridge Driver, MiniMoto Driver, Versatile Driver, I2C Motor Driver, DC Motor Driver, DRV8330

The MiniMoto is a great breakout board with a tiny size for the DRV8830 I2C half-bridge DC motor driver and very suitable for driving most small motors used in robotic projects. The benefit of being controlled via I2C protocol has freed up data lines and processing time on the CPU to be used for other tasks. The MiniMoto has the lowest voltage output capability of any current SparkFun DC motor driver (2.7V), therefore low voltage systems running on single-cell LiPo batteries and low voltage motors can use this MiniMoto module. Because of the operating voltage range of 2.7V to 6.8V and a current limit of 1A, this module can be considered as a versatile little driver.

Operating voltage: 2.7V ~ 6.8V
Maximum Current: 1A
Interface: I2C
Size: 25mm x 25mm

Package Include:
1 x DRV8830 MiniMoto Driver Board

Interface Type I2C
Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage 2.7V ~ 6.8V
Current 1A (Max)
Physical Parameters
Size 25mm x 25mm

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