MAX30205 Human Body Temperature Sensor Module

MAX30205 Human Body Temperature Sensor Module
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Tags: Body Temperature Sensor, Digital Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Human teperature sensor, CJMCU Sensor

This module is based on MAX30205 which is a temperature sensor that accurately measures temperature and provides an over-temperature alarm/interrupt/shutdown output. This device converts the temperature measurements to digital form using a high resolution, sigma-delta, analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

An I2C compatible two-wire serial interface allows access to conversion results. The device accepts standard I2C commands to read the data, set the over-temperature alarm (OS) trip thresholds, and configure other characteristics. While reading the temperature register, any changes in temperature are ignored until the read is completed. The temperature register is updated for the new temperature measurement upon completion of the read operation.

The MAX30205 featured by three address select lines with a total of 32 available addresses. The sensor has a 2.7V to 3.3V supply voltage range, low 600µA supply current, and a lockup-protected I2C-compatible interface that makes it ideal for wearable fitness and medical applications. The MAX30205 measures the temperature of its own die temp. The thermal path between the die and the outside determines the accuracy of temperature measurements. External temperature is conducted to the die temp primarily through the leads and the exposed pad. Because of this, the device most easily measures the PCB temperature. For ambient temperature measurements, mount the device on a PCB (or a section of the PCB) that is at ambient temperature. Due to the low supply current, the effects of device Self-heating on temperature errors are minimal.

The configuration register contains 8 bits of data and initiates single conversions (ONE-SHOT), enabled bus timeout, shutdown control, the fault queue set, the data format set, selects OS polarity and determines whether the OS output functions in comparator or interrupt mode.

Chip: MAX30205
Output Type: Digital
Supply Voltage Range: 2.7V ~ 3.3V
ADC: 16 bit
Accuracy: 0.1°C (at 37°C ~ 39°C)
Interface: I2C
Pin Number: 8 Pins
Size: 21mm x 10mm

Applications: Fitness, Medical

Package Include:
1 x Temperature Sensor Module

Interface Type I2C
Sensor Parameters
Accuracy 0.1°C (at 37°C ~ 39°C)
Internal ADC 16 bit
Output Type Digital
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 2.7V ~ 3.3V
Board Parameters
Main Chip MAX30205
Pin Count 8 Pins

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