LM386 Mini Microphone Amplifier Module [750mW]

LM386 Mini Microphone Amplifier Module [750mW]
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Tags: Microphon Amplifier, Audio Amplifier, LM386 Module, LM386

LM386 Mini Microphone Amplifier Module is an audio amplifier with microphone or voice signal input, which is based on a high gain LM386 chip. The LM386 chip is a power amplifier with low voltage and high gain, which is internally set to 20 and by an external resistor and capacitor between pins 1 and 8 will increase up to 200. It is provided an on-board trimmer potentiometer to fine tune the volume gain. Its input supports electret microphone, condenser microphone, moving coil microphone or audio signal. The microphone can directly be connected to the module without any bias circuit. The output can directly be connected to an 8 up to 32 ohm (0.5~35W) speaker (euro standard), high impedance sound, high efficiency. The module can be supplied even by 3V DC up to 12V DC, battery or a charger power supply, but while applying charger, to eliminate its hum noise, you must be applied an electret capacitor about 470uF to 2200uF, in parallel with charger poles (If it has still current interference, the microphone can be connected by a grounded shielded cable).

Input Voltage: 5V ~ 12V
Input current: 1mA (static) ~ 150mA (max)
Output Power: 750mW (max)
Output Impedance: 4Ω ~ 32Ω (impedance high-sound, high efficiency)
Support the speaker power: 0.5W ~ 25W
Input support: microphone, condenser microphone, moving coil microphone, the audio signal
Size: 22.7mm x 13.5mm x 7.4mm

The soldering iron must be grounded when soldering.
Do not connect the power supply to the reverse polarity, otherwise the chip may be burned.
Keep the output speaker away from the microphone.

Package Include:
1 x LM386 Mini Microphone Amplifier Board

Audio Module Features
Output Impedance 4Ω ~ 32Ω
Electrical Parameters
Input Current 1mA (static) ~ 150mA (max)
Input Voltage 5V ~ 12V
Output Power 750mW (Max)
Physical Parameters
Size 22.7mm x 13.5mm x 7.4mm

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