2 PCS LM10UU Linear Ball Bearing

2 PCS LM10UU Linear Ball Bearing
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2 PCS 3D Printer Steel LM10UU Linear Ball Bearing package contains 2 pieces of linear ball bearing, which is made of a strong, anti-corrosion, and durable stainless steel material. The linear ball bearing acts completely opposite of the common ball bearing. The usual ball bearing, known as a radial ball bearing is mounted on a static or rotational shaft and creates or transfers rotational motion, but the linear ball bearing is mounted on a static shaft to slide along a linear path on the shaft.
This LM10UU bearing is a linear bearing suitable for sliding along and inline a 10mm shaft. This linear bearing is small and lightweight that can be applied to connect a moving buggy or carriage onto another moving buggy, carriage, or a railing. This linear bearing is important for controlling the stepper moving.
This linear ball bearing is sort of the opposite of the radial ball bearings you may be familiar with. It is intended to slide along a 10mm linear shaft, rather than rotate around it. These are very slim, and good for when you want to attach a motion carriage onto a railing without adding a lot of weight. 
These are very basic bearings, they're meant for a stepper-motion controlled set up so they're not ultra-smooth. They're best used for DIY/hobby robotics projects!
This LM8UU bearing can be used in 3D printers, CNC machines, Grooving machines, DIY projects, Robotics, and hobby projects.

Model: LM10UU
Material: Steel
Inner Diameter: 10mm
Outer Diameter: 19mm
Total Length: 28mm
The bearing works for 10mm linear shaft

Package Include:
2 x Linear Ball Bearing

Physical Parameters
Length 28mm
Inner Diameter 10mm
Outer Diameter 19mm
Material Steel

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