5 PCS 3D Printer Linear Support Bracket

5 PCS 3D Printer Linear Support Bracket
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Tags: 3D Printer Bracket, Linear Bracket, Linear Rail, Rail Shaft, Shaft Support, Vertical Shaft Bearing

5 PCS 3D Printer Aluminium Linear Rail Shaft Rod Guide Support Bracket is an aluminum vertical shaft bearing bracket, which is designed, but not limited to, to uphold the linear shaft or optical axis of the 3D Printer and CNC projects. This bracket known as SK shaft bearing is presented in optional sizes such as SK8, SK10, SK12, SK13, SK16, SK20, SK25, SK30, SK40, SK50, SK60 etc. This bracket latches two sides of a surface to achieve linear bearing with surrounding and clamping a sliding linear shaft. This SK bracket is made of aluminum material, which has high resistance against corrosion, rust, acid, and so on, also it is strong and beautiful. This Sk bearing has a gap in the shaft surrender to fasten sliding shaft with latch. The SKxx shaft bearing model contains 2 digit, which indicates the diameter of the shaft in mm. Also, this bracket surface is sandblasted and ordinary oxidated, to have a strong, valuable, cheap, easy mounting and high precision bracket.

Model: SK8
    Size: 20mm x 21mm x 42cm
    Weight: 24g
    Material: Aluminum
Model: SK10
    Size: 20mm x 21mm x 42cm
    Weight: 24g
    Material: Aluminum
Model: SK12
    Size: 23mm x 21mm x 42cm
    Weight: 30g
    Material: Aluminum
Model: SK13
    Size: 23mm x 21mm x 42cm
    Weight: 30g
    Material: Aluminum
Model: SK16
    Size: 27mm x 24mm x 48cm
    Weight: 40g
    Material: Aluminum
Model: SK20
    Size: 31mm x 30mm x 60cm
    Weight: 70g
    Material: Aluminum
Model: SK25
    Size: 35mm x 35mm x 70cm
    Weight: 130g
    Material: Aluminum
Model: SK30
    Size: 42mm x 42mm x 84cm
    Weight: 180g
    Material: Aluminum
Model: SK35
    Size: 50mm x 49mm x 98cm
    Weight: 270g
    Material: Aluminum
Model: SK40
    Size: 60mm x 57mm x 114cm
    Weight: 420g
    Material: Aluminum
Model: SK50
    Size: 70mm x 63mm x 126cm
    Weight: 750g
    Material: Aluminum
Model: SK60
    Size: 80mm x 74mm x 148cm
    Weight: 1100g
    Material: Aluminum

Package include:
5 x Shaft Support Bracket


Physical Parameters
Material Aluminum

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