5 PCS 3D Printer Linear Slider Bearing

5 PCS 3D Printer Linear Slider Bearing
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Tags: 3D Printer Bearing, Block Bearing, Linear Bearing, Linear Slider, Ball Bearing, Linear Bushing

5 PCS 3D Printer Aluminum Linear Slider Block Bearing package contains 5 pieces of the linear bearing block, which consist of a special steel ball, a retainer, a C-clip at both ends, and a shell. The retainer is housed with housing and secured by a C-clip at both ends to enable the steel ball to recurrently move around in the racetrack surface of the retainer. This linear slider ball bearing has static friction resistance and extremely small dynamic friction even under heavy load results in energy saving and reaching to high speed. The rectilinear motion bearings can easily interchange, thus this bearing can easily and rapidly be installed and used with a small and lightweight mechanical structure. The oil lubricants can easily be used to have smooth motion. 
This bearing block can widely used in  CNC machines, laser engraving, robots, high power and precision tools, sports equipment, medical equipments, inspection equipment, transportation equipment, woodworking machine, food machinery, textile machinery, optical instruments, glass manufacturing equipment, automotive manufacturing equipment, automation equipment, blanket machinery, ceramic tiles Machinery, printing machinery, plastic machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, etc.
This bearing block is presented in 7 optional models of  SCS8UU, SCS10UU, SCS12UU, SCS16UU, SC20UU, SCS25UU, and SCS30UU, which the SCS8UU price nad weight is the reference of others. 

Model: SCS8UU 
    Inner diameter: 8mm
    Length: 30mm
    Width: 34mm
    Height: 22mm
Model: SCS10UU
    Inner diameter: 10mm
    Length: 35mm
    Width: 40mm
    Height: 26mm
Model: SCS12UU
    Inner diameter: 12mm
    Length: 36mm
    Width: 42mm
    Height: 29mm
Model: SCS16UU
    Inner diameter: 16mm
    Length: 44mm
    Width: 50mm
    Height: 38.5mm
Model: SCS20UU
    Inner diameter: 20mm
    Length: 50mm
    Width: 54mm
    Height: 41mm
Model: SCS25UU
    Inner diameter: 25mm
    Length: 67mm
    Width: 76mm
    Height: 51.5mm
Model: SCS30UU
    Inner diameter: 30mm
    Length: 72mm
    Width: 78mm
    Height: 59.5mm
Model: SCS40UU
    Inner diameter: 40mm
    Length: 90mm
    Width: 102mm
    Height: 78mm
Model: SCS50UU
    Inner diameter: 50mm
    Length: 110mm
    Width: 122mm
    Height: 102mm
Model: SCS60UU
    Inner diameter: 60mm
    Length: 122mm
    Width: 132mm
    Height: 114mm

Package include:
5 x Linear Ball Bearing

Physical Parameters
Material Aluminum

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