ATtiny85 Tiny LilyPad

ATtiny85 Tiny LilyPad
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The Lily ATtiny85 is a super tiny (25mm) wearable board designed to add functionality to your project without taking up a lot of room. Even though it’s as small as some of the LilyPad sensors, this board actually has an ATtiny microcontroller on it so it’s actually pretty smart! With an onboard USB port, no interface card is necessary to program it - simply download the ATtiny85 drivers and program it through the Arduino IDE. The Lily ATtiny features 2 PWM ports. 5 GPIO ports. The ports can be connected via soldering or with conductive thread.
LilyPad is a wearable e-textile technology developed by Leah Buechley and cooperatively designed by Leah and SparkFun. Each LilyPad was creatively designed to have large connecting pads to allow them to be sewn into clothing. Various input, output, power, and sensor boards are available

Number of pins: 8
Flash size: 8K Byte
SRAM size: 512 Bytes
EEPROM size: 512 Bytes
PWM: 2
GPIO (with ADC and PWM): 6 (5, but one more if you disable activate reset*)
I2C: yes
SPI: yes
Diameter: 25 mm

Package Included:
1x Lily ATtiny85

Electrical Parameters
Microcontroller ATTINY85
Operating Voltage 5V
Board Parameters
EEPROM 512 Bytes
GPIO 6 (5, but one more if you disable activate reset)
SRAM 512 Bytes
Physical Parameters
Diameter 25 mm

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