Leap Motion 3D Motion Controller

Leap Motion 3D Motion Controller
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The Leap Motion controller is a small USB peripheral device which is designed to be placed on a physical desktop, facing upward. It can also be mounted onto a virtual reality headset. Using two monochromatic IR cameras and three infrared LEDs, the device observes a roughly hemispherical area, to a distance of about 1 meter.
The Leap Motion Controller captures the movement of your hands and fingers so you can interact with your computer in a whole new way. Originally designed for Mac and PC, Leap Motion technology now is being embedded in the next generation of virtual reality headsets. Get the leap motion 3d usb to play, explore, and create with legacy desktop applications on the Leap Motion Gallery, or start building your own VR project on the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.
Use the Leap Motion 3D Controller to track physical objects, capture high-speed infrared footage, or see the world in new ways.
When the the Leap Motion control panel application is running, it displays an icon in the notification area of the Windows Taskbar or Mac Finder bar. When the It is plugged in and working properly, the icon turns green. Other colors indicate errors and abnormal operating conditions.

Leap Motion 3D Motion Controller Application:

  1. VR Gaming
  2. conference meeting
  3. image processing
  4. robotics

Leap Motion 3D Motion Controller Features:

  1. Highly accurate hand and finger tracking with near-zero latency
  2. 8 cubic feet of interactive 3D space
  3. Compact device at 3" / 80mm long
  4. FOV: 135°
  5. Cameras: 2x 640x240 infrared
  6. Frame rate: 120fps
  7. Port: USB
  8. OS: Windows 7+ or Mac OS X 10.7
  9. Operating temperature: 0ºC ~ 45ºC
  10. Storage temperature: -10ºC ~ 50ºC
  11. Operating Humidity: 5% ~ 85% RH
  12. Size: 30mm x 80mm x 13mm


using leap motion 3d USB Link

Board Parameters
OS Windows 7+ or Mac OS X 10.7
Ports USB
Physical Parameters
Size 30mm x 80mm x 13mm
Camera Features
FOV 135°
Frame Rate 120fps
Resolution 640x240
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature 0ºC ~ 45ºC
Storage temprature -10ºC ~ 50ºC
Operating humidity 5% ~ 85% RH

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