YB1602A LCD Display Board [16x2] [3.3V , 5V]

YB1602A LCD Display Board [16x2] [3.3V , 5V]
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Tags: LCD Display, Single Color, SPLC780, 1602 LCD

YB1602A LCD Display Board is a 16x02 character in 2 lines, high quality, black background, and mono-color character (white, yellow, red, orange, green, or blue) display, which is controlled by SPLC780C display driver chip. It is a serial LCD display without pin header. The model number of 1602 means 16 columns (characters) multiply 02 rows, so this display can show  16 characters in each of the 2 rows, therefore a total of 32 characters can be displayed simultaneously. It needs 6 digital pins and 2 power pins for an LCD. 
The module can easily be interfaced and communicated to an Arduino board and microcontroller through an I2C communication interface (IIC/I2C Serial Interface Adapter Module). Because of not having any pin header, the I2C (IIC) adapter is needed to solder on the display module, then through I2C interface communication is established. Just 2 lines are required to display the information on any Arduino based projects. It will save at least 4 digital/analog pins on the Arduino. All connectors are based on the XH2.54 standard (Breadboard type).
Its backlight can conveniently be changed by a jumper wire or through the program, Also, for adjusting the contrast of the screen display, a blue part screw is provided. It can be supplied with a logical level of 3.3V and  5V DC. This display is specialized for displaying letters, numbers, dot matrix, and symbols for Arduino projects, 3D printers, HMI projects, and so on.

Model: YB1602A
Driver IC: SPLC780C or EQV
Characters: 16 characters x 2 lines
Display screen: Black Screen
Power Supply(Typ): 3.3V / 5V (Optional)
Text color: White, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue (Optional)
Dimension: 80mm x 36mm x 12mm
Active Area:  64.5mm  x 13.8mm

Package Include:
1 x YB1602A LCD Module

Display Properties
Color White, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue (Optional)
Driver IC SPLC780C or EQV
Type LCD
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 3.3V / 5V (Optional)
Physical Parameters
Size 80mm x 36mm x 12mm

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