FM Transmitter Module

FM Transmitter Module
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Tags: FM Transmitter, Wireless Transmitter, KT0803, Radio Station, Radio Transmitter

FM Radio Transmitter Module is an FM band, wireless transmitter with high fidelity stereo signal, which is based on KT0803 and similar chip. This chip is an ultra low power consumption, automatic power down on input silence detecting and high grade performance upper than the amateur transmitter. It is an integrated radio FM station on a chip, so the designers can easily create their desired FM radio station, to share and transmit their speech, voices, musics, etc. It modulates audio or pulse on the FM radio wave and any devices with an FM receiver module could receive its signal. The FM transmitter module has an I2C interface and compatible with 5V TTL levels, which enable it easily to interface with microcontroller and other Arduino boards. It has an onboard microphone, without any antennas. You can use a 75 centimeter long of a typical wire as an antenna, directly connected to the module.

Frequency: 70MHz ~108MHz
Input Voltage: 3.0V ~ 5.0V
SNR: 66dB
Stand By Current: 3uA
Operation Current: 17mA
Interface: I2C
On-board Mic

Arduino connects with FM Module as below: 
GND connects with GND
5V connect with VCC
SDA connects with SDA
SCL connects with SCL
Then connect the antenna.

Package Include:
1 x FM Transmitter Module

Interface Type I2C
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 70MHz ~108MHz
Input Voltage 3.0V ~ 5.0V
Working Current 17mA
Static current 3uA

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