JM201 Optical Fingerprint Module [3.3V]

JM201 Optical Fingerprint Module [3.3V]
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JM-201 fingerprint module is an integrated fingerprint processing module that integrates the optical path and the fingerprint processing part. It is small, low-powered consumption, simple interface, high reliability, fast recognition, wet finger adaptability, and fingerprint search. JM-201 communicates with the UART communication interface.
All you need to do is send simple commands, and the fingerprint scanner can store different fingerprints. Via the serial interface, the fingerprint reader/sensor module can communicate with a microcontroller.
The fingerprint module has stable performance, perfect functions, and multiple fingerprint functions such as fingerprint collection, registration, comparison, and search.
This module is controlled by the serial port. As long as the serial port of the microcontroller embedded can operate this module, MSP430, 51, AVR, PIC, STM32, ARM, FPGA, Arduino controller can do as well.

Input Voltage: 3.3V
Working Current: 60mA (Max)
Fingerprint Image Entry Time: <1 Second
Resolution: 500dpi
Backlight Color: blue
Matching Method: Comparison Method (1:1)
     Search Method (1:N)
Window Area: 18.1mm x 16.2mm
Size: 43.9mm x 20mm x 19.7mm

Fingerprint door locks, safes, gun boxes, finance, and other security areas.
Identity system such as access control system, industrial computer, POS machine, driving training, attendance.
Private clubs, management software, and licensing.
Financial insurance, medical care, pension payment, and other financial fields.

Package Include:
1 x JM201 Optical Fingerprint Module

Electrical Parameters
Input Current 60mA (Max)
Input Voltage 3.3V
Physical Parameters
Size 43.9mm x 20mm x 19.7mm

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