JHA USBEE-AXPRO Logic Analyzer Virtual Oscilloscope

JHA USBEE-AXPRO Logic Analyzer Virtual Oscilloscope
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logic analyzer is an electronic instrument that captures and displays multiple signals from a digital system or digital circuit. A logic analyzer may convert the captured data into timing diagrams, protocol decodes, state machine traces, assembly language, or may correlate assembly with source-level software. Logic analyzers have advanced triggering capabilities, and are useful when a user needs to see the timing relationships between many signals in a digital system. Logic analyzers sample signals by comparing a threshold designed by the user. Oscilloscopes are useful when looking for transients or unwanted pulses, as well as looking at the shape of a waveform. Logic analyzers are useful for identifying timing problems and compile larger numbers of digital signals.
Logic analyzers are widely used to develop and debug electronic logic circuits, they display traces of multiple logic channels and reveal the circuit operation. 
Logic analyzers are test instruments that are widely used for testing complex digital or logic circuits.
Many digital designs, including those of ICs, are simulated to detect defects before the unit is constructed. The simulation usually provides logic analysis displays. Often, complex discrete logic is verified by simulating inputs and testing outputs using a boundary scan. Logic analyzers can uncover hardware defects that are not found in simulation. These problems are typically too difficult to model in simulation, or too time-consuming to simulate and often cross multiple clock domains.
Oscilloscopes display the change of an electrical signal over time, with voltage and time as the Y- and X-axes, respectively, on a calibrated scale.

This product has exclusive features listed below:
1. The simulation has three input terminals: x1 (ACH1), x10, x1 / 3, which can meet general measurement (+/- 10v, x1 input), and high voltage measurement (+/- 100v, x10 input, software display) The value x10 is the actual voltage), and it can also meet the low-voltage high-precision measurement (range +/- 3.3V, resolution 25mV, x1 / 3 input, the software display value x1 / 3 is the actual voltage).
2. Two-color indicator, besides the power indicator, the color can be changed according to the connection status.3. Power input portion 500mA recoverable added protection fuse,  all analog, and digital inputs are protected with a Schottky diode, full protection equipment and computers.4. The analog input has a compensation capacitor, and the measurement waveform is accurate, especially the measurement of high-frequency signals is more accurate, and the analog bandwidth reaches 5Mhz.

General Features:
Analog part of the parameter:

Number of input channels: 2 channels
Sampling channels: 1 channel
One way to achieve dual-channel tracking: frequency electronic switch
Maximum sampling frequency: 16MHz
Maximum analog
Bandwidth: 3MHz
Input voltage range: -10V ~ 10V
Can withstand limit input: -20V ~ 20V
Maximum resolution: 256

The digital part of the parameter:
Number of channels:8
Input voltage: -1V ~ 6V
Input Low: <1.4V
Input High: >1.6V
Input impedance: 100K
Input Protection: ESD protection input clamp protection
The resolution supports the proposal: SPI, IIC, UART, SMBus, I2S, CAN, Parallel, Custom, Search, Async, 1-Wite, PS / 2
Pin Number: 14 Pins

Package Include:
1 x HT USBEE-AXPRO Oscilloscope
1 x USB Cable
1 x Breadboard Wire

Electrical Parameters
Channels 2 Channels (Analog Part), 8 Channels (Digital Part)
Input Voltage -10V ~ 10V (Analog Part), -1V ~ 6V (Digital Part)
Bandwidth 3MHz
Input Impedance 100Kohm
Sample rate 16MHz
Resolution 256 (Analog Part)

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