JGA25 DC Gear Motor with Encoder Hall [6V-12V] [352rpm]

JGA25 DC Gear Motor with Encoder Hall [6V-12V] [352rpm]
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A gear motor is an all-in-one combination of a motor and gearbox. The addition of a gear head to a motor reduces the speed while increasing the torque output. The most important parameters in regards to gear motors are speed (rpm), torque (lb-in) and efficiency (%). In order to select the most suitable gear motor, you must first compute the load, speed and torque requirements for your application.  
when you use a geared motor, you will find it is slower than a motor that does not slow down, but it can provide a larger load. Geared motors are typically used where high torque is required, such as an elevator, which will carry more than a dozen people upstairs, which will require a lot of torque. Of course, there will be some energy loss during deceleration, but it will still bring a lot of convenience to our lives.
Using an encoder, we can use some complicated algorithms. For example, we can use the PID algorithm to monitor the speed of the motor. And controls such as speed off can keep the speed of the motor at a certain value. When the external load becomes larger, the speed of the ordinary motor will slow down, but when we know that it is slow, we can adjust it by an algorithm.
Controlling the output voltage keeps the motor speed at a certain value.

Model: JGA25
Axis: Single Axis
Ratio: 1:34
Motor Voltage: 6V ~ 12V
No Load Current: 70mA (at 6V), 100mA (at 12V)
Load Current: 3.5A (at 6V), 3.5A (at 12V)
Speed: 240rpm (at 6V), 352rpm (at 12V)
Torque: 5.6kg.cm ~ 8kg.cm (Stall Torque), 0.85kg.cm ~ 1.2kg.cm (Load Torque)
Shaft Diameter: 4mm
Shaft Length: 10mm
Size: 24.5mm x 80mm

Red: Motor+
Black: Motor-
Green: Encoder GND
Blue: Encoder VCC
Yellow: Signal A
White: Signal B

Package Include:
1 x JGA25 DC Gear Motor with Encoder Hall

Motor Specifications
Motor Size 24.5mm x 80mm
Motor voltage 6V ~ 12V
No Load Current 70mA (at 6V), 100mA (at 12V)
Shaft Diameter 4mm
Torque 5.6kg.cm ~ 8kg.cm (Stall Torque), 0.85kg.cm ~ 1.2kg.cm (Load Torque)
Axis Single Axis
Ratio 1:34
Shaft Length 10mm
Speed 240rpm (at 6V), 352rpm (at 12V)
Load Current 3.5A (at 6V), 3.5A (at 12V)

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