J-Link OB ARM Debugger and Programmer

J-Link OB ARM Debugger and Programmer
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Tags: ARM Debugger, ARM Programmer, Debugger, ARM Boards, ARM MCU, JTAG

OB J-Link- is an independent simulation and debug device, developed by SEGGER, which is usually designed to evaluate the board ("on-board"), that is the reason for the suffix "OB".
This is called "OB J-Link-" simulation download debugger with a USB communication function, you can communicate with PC, and the other end through the /JTAG SWD mode and can support device communication, complete debugging simulation download debug tasks.
Our OB J-Link simulation debugger compared to the original OB J-Link less JTAG interface, only to retain the SWD interface to use the ARM kernel MCU many companies to debug and download.
The microcontroller that is used as a J-Link OB (on the left side of the evaluation board in the diagram below) has a USB-interface on its left side (facing the host) and a JTAG/SWD plus SWO interface on its right side (facing the target device).

Onboard self-recovery fuse, prevent any damage from short circuit
3.3V output, make it easy to debug/program the code
Universal Micro USB interface
Protected by heat-shrink tube
Unique ID supports multi-devices to work together at the same time
Pin Number: 4 Pins
Port: Micro USB
Size: 22.5mm x 43.2mm

Functionality and Performance

Supports full-speed running, single step, breakpoints and so on. Check IO status, variable, etc.
Quick response through the USB2.0 interface

Programs FLASH ROM, EEPROM, AFR, etc.
High-speed SWD programming through the USB2.0 interface

Supported Software:
J-Flash ARM
mikroC PRO for ARM
nRFgo Studio (Version 1.15 OR before)

Package Include:
1 x J-Link Debugger
1 x USB Cable
1 x 4-pin Jumper

Board Parameters
Pin Count 4 Pins
Ports Micro USB
Physical Parameters
Size 22.5mm x 43.2mm

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