J-LINK Multi Function Adapter Board

J-LINK Multi Function Adapter Board
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A JTAG interface is designed for on-chip debugging. It can be used to flash your firmware if you do not have the means to upload software via USB already. If you want to upload your own software or want to do serious development work, you will need a JTAG adapter.
This is a J-Link JTAG converter, it is a great item for your ARM Emulator. It also supports MINI2440, TQ2440 and other New Version and Popular ARM boards.
It includes the SWD 6PIN interface and the SWD 4PIN port.
This Adapter board for the common 20PIN2.54 spacing, 20PIN 2.0 spacing, 10PIN 2.54 spacing, 10PIN 2.0spacing, JTAG 14PIN 2.54 spacing.

Interface 1: 2.54 pitch 20-pin corner seat (can be directly connected to JTAG seat)
Interface 2: 2.54 pitch 20-pin straight socket
Interface 3: 2.0 pitch 20-pin straight socket
Interface 4: 2.54 pitch 14-pin straight socket
Interface 5: 2.54 pitch 10-pin straight socket
Interface 6: 2.0 pin 10-pin straight socket
Interface 7: 2.54 pitch 6-pin straight socket
Interface 8: 2.54 pitch 4-pin straight socket
Pin Number: 10 Pin

Package Include:
1 x  J-LINK Multi-Function Switching Board

Board Parameters
Pin Count 10 Pins

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