HW-M10 Microwave Motion Detector Module [6V-24V]

HW-M10 Microwave Motion Detector Module [6V-24V]
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Tags: Microwave Radar, Doppler Radar, Motion Detector, Motion Detection, Digital Sensor, Radar Module, Microwave Sensor

This product is an auto-sensing technology of Doppler radar control products.
HW-M10 planar antenna and accept emission of active sensors, sensor high-frequency electromagnetic waves ( 10.525GHz ) and receives their echo. HW-M10 change detection echoes even within the tiny movement, then the microprocessor trigger, executing instructions. Signals are likely to be detected through the door, glass and thin walls.
HW-M10 conventional dual-plate superimposed microwave sensor module introduced by the company has beautiful appearance, simple and compact product circuit structure, stable performance and low cost, and its high cost performance, especially suitable for intelligent appliances, security products, lighting Secondary development of products and other electronic fields. This product can be widely used in security monitoring, intelligent control systems, lighting appliances (garage, corridors, roads and other places).

Model: HW-M10
Input Voltage: 6V ~ 24V
Output Voltage: 0V (Low), 5V(High)
Current: <3mA
Frequency: 10.525GHz
Output Type: Digital
Default Delay Time: 30s
Detection Distance: 10m
Detection Angle: 360°
Pin Number: 3 Pins
Operating Temperature: -20°C  ~ +70°C
Size: 30mm x 20mm x 7mm

Package Include:
1 x HW-M10 Microwave Motion Sensor

Sensor Parameters
Detection Angle 360°
Output Type Digital
Detection Distance 10m
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 6V ~ 24V
Output Voltage 0V (Low), 5V(High)
Delay 30s
Current <3mA
Board Parameters
Pin Count 3 Pin
Physical Parameters
Size 30mm x 20mm x 6mm
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -20°C  ~ +70°C

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